Zagg Protect is a $99 insurance plan for your phone

Zagg has plenty of products to protect your phone, but it’s adding one more: a protection plan to cover accidental damage and failures.

The new protection program, called Zagg Protect, is a subscription service that acts like insurance for your phone. It costs $99 per year and will cover two accidental damage claims in a 12-month period and an unlimited number of accepted mechanical or electrical failure claims after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. “Zag Protect includes coverage for drops, liquid damage, cracked screens, and more,” says the company.

For repairs, customers cover a $49 deductible per claim, pay for service at an authorized repair location, and submit their receipt to receive reimbursement from Zagg.

Zagg Protect is available for a wide range of devices new and old, although Zagg notes in their FAQ that they are available for “Chrome browser version 68 or newer, or iOS 11 or newer using Safari or the Chrome browser.” Must have phones running Android OS.”

As is common with extended warranties and insurance plans, there are some limitations. The maximum claims limit is $500 (or if the original purchase price of the device is less than $500), catastrophic damage to an expensive phone may exceed that limit. This plan will also replace the phone’s battery only once. Loss and theft are also not covered.

Coverage doesn’t begin as soon as the plan is purchased, either 30 days later, so customers will need to be very careful when getting a new phone for the first time.

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