youtube test timed emoji reactions

YouTube is experimenting with a new option for sharing emoji reactions to a precise moment in a video.

YouTube community manager Meghan wrote in a blog announcement that the video platform is piloting timed responses with “a small number of channels to start with.”

As part of the test, watchers can tap into a separate feedback panel via the comments section, where users can share their thoughts in the form of color pictures and see what others like Facebook Live or Twitch ( anonymously) how are you responding. “We are testing multiple sets of responses and will add or remove responses depending on the method of the experiment,” the blog post explained.

YouTube began testing a function last year that lets users view comments at precise times in the videos they’re watching. People can already timestamp video comments, add a direct link to a specific point—making it easier to navigate the video or highlight a special moment.

“We heard such positive feedback about the Time Comments beta feature,” the blog said, “that we wanted to test similar features.” No word yet on whether the timeline comments will be made more widely available.

Emoji reactions have historically been hit-or-miss: Twitter has twice tried out the iconic retorts in the past year, asking people to choose between three different sets, including a laughing face, thinking There are classic options like the Wala Face, the Crying Face, the Astonished Face and the Flame. Almost a year later, the microblogging service has yet to elicit a response beyond the normal hearted.

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