Valve Details Steam Deck Rollout Plans

It looks like Steam Deck customers may not have to suffer from additional delays. Valve says everyone in the Q1 reservation window should be receiving order emails by the end of March, as they expected, and it will start sending order emails to other buyers in April.

A quick refresher: Valve didn’t offer traditional pre-orders for the Steam deck. Instead people were asked to spend $5 to reserve a unit during a specific release window. Now those reservation holders can decide whether they want to place their orders or cancel them.

The company says the first batch of Steam deck order emails were sent out on the morning of February 25. The next batch of emails will go out on Monday, March 7, because “it’s logistics work we better try not to ship over the weekend,” says Valve. (Who knew?)

Valve will then send additional order emails on March 14, 21 and 28 so that it can offer Steam decks to anyone who reserved a unit for the first quarter shipping window. The company says it will “start going through the second quarter in the same way” in early April.

This should be welcome news for wannabe Steam Deck buyers. Valve originally expected to release the device in December 2021, but component shortages forced it to delay the launch by two months, and the reservation window had already slipped to the second quarter of 2022.

Reservations have since been put into a non-exclusive “after Q2 2022” window, and unfortunately Valve didn’t provide any guidance about when those orders might be ready. “We are working through our production schedule,” it says, “and there will be news soon for the folks in the after-Q2 bucket.”

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