Twitter adds clipping support to Spaces

Twitter is starting to let users of Spaces create 30-second clips from their conversations.

Space has gradually added new features and expanded to additional platforms since its launch. Twitter originally banned audio-focused chat rooms for iOS in December 2020, then rolled them out to Android in March 2021, and then finally brought them to the web in May 2021.

But those roll-outs were also incomplete. For example, Twitter did not allow more than one person to host a location until August 2021, and the ability to record a location did not reach all mobile users until January 2022. (And even then it wasn’t available for desktop users of Twitter.)

Adding support for clips is a natural evolution for Spaces. Twitter itself was founded on the idea of ​​brevity — even though the service has since character limit doubled And embroiled threads—so it makes sense to let users of Spaces remove 30-second clips from their conversations.

Now the question is how long will it take for Twitter to make the clip available to other Space users. It’s not clear whether the clip “coming soon to Android and the web” claims to make the clip or listen to either one; The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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