T-Mobile will fire non-vaccinated employees on April 2

T-Mobile is reportedly planning to fire unvaccinated employees on April 2.

Bloomberg reports that T-Mobile’s corporate employees who haven’t been vaccinated for COVID by the April 2 deadline will be fired. Employees who have been only partially vaccinated as of February 21 will also be placed on unpaid leave until they are considered fully vaccinated.

T-Mobile has confirmed these plans to Engadget. “T-Mobile’s badge-controlled offices are accessible only to those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and we have shared with staff that we need to fully vaccinate office workers by April 2. needs to be done,” it told Engadget. “We understand this is a deeply personal decision for some employees but we believe that by taking this step we will be best positioned to protect our T-Mobile community.”

The company also told The Verge that it will “make exceptions for certain roles, locations, and legally mandated accommodations and exemptions.” But the policy will not apply to customer service personnel, technicians and other T-Mobile employees who do not work from its offices.

T-Mobile’s decision follows an escalation of the Omicron version of COVID in several states. That version has begun to decline, but a second version of Omicron is said to be spreading, and is believed to be at least as contagious as the original version. (If not more contagious.)

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