Snapchat is introducing real-time location sharing

snapchat is announced As part of a collaboration with its dedicated It’s On Us program to prevent sexual assault on college campuses, it plans to add real-time location sharing to Snap Map, a geolocation-based geolocation built on top of its ephemeral messaging service. based platform.

Screenshots of the upcoming feature show a straightforward process of what Snapchat calls a “live location” with another person — the company says is specifically for “trusted friends and family” — “to coordinate meetups or To help you stay safe on your way”. House.”

Users can then choose to share their live location with another user for 15 minutes, one hour, or eight hours; They can also end the session early by pressing a key stop sharing button. (Which, according to The Verge, will not send a notification to the user receiving the location data.)

On a page dedicated to its partnership with Snapchat, It’s On Us said, “It’s On Us and Snapchat are teaming up to help young people keep each other safe – online and in real life – and on-campus sexual counter the attack.” “Through a new safety tool in Snap Maps and the expansion of the in-app resource portal ‘Here for You’, Snapchat and It’s On Us will enable students to find each other and be a safe place for students across the country.” helping to create.”

TechCrunch reports that Snapchat is combating potential abuse of the Live Location feature by limiting it to one-to-one sessions between mutual friends; There is no option to make this location information available to each friend at once, nor is there any way to share data with non-friends.

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