Razer revives 2000-era scooter with electric ‘icon’

Razer scooters first made a splash more than two decades ago, and while they’ve really gone nowhere — the $500 Jeep-branded, rugged Razer scooter was announced just two weeks ago — the brand has been a slew of old customers for its core customers. Tapping into memories is the Electric Razor icon.

The icon is taller and heavier than the original to accommodate its now-adult riders. A 300-watt motor powers the scooter up to 18mph with an 18-mile range.

In line with the style of the original, the Razer Icon has aluminum construction and offers colourful, matching handlebar grips and tires. The scooter is still folded in half even though the handle doesn’t pop as before.

This new model does not use the smaller, roller-blade style wheels of the original, instead opting for 8.5-inch airless tires to better handle bumpy terrain and high speeds. Razer has outfitted the scooter with taillights, a headlight, a kickstand, and a lockpoint to fit the bike’s lock or chain. The whole unit weighs 26.5 pounds, which Razer suggests is “the lightest in its class.”

“As electric scooters have gained popularity over the past few years, there are not many affordable options on the market,” Razer says. “With a long range range, and quality you can count on, getting a smooth ride is hard to come by at an affordable price.”

In another throwback, the Razer Icon is on sale via Kickstarter; It’s $549 with an early bird discount and will increase to $599 once the discounted model sells out. This puts it in line with rival scooters from companies like Bird.

As Engadget notes, this is far from Razer’s first electric scooter; It sells dozens of electric scooters, including some similar models to the Icon.

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