Microsoft to fully reopen offices in Washington state on February 28

Microsoft is finally going to fully reopen the company’s offices in Washington state, nearly two years after the pandemic began in the US.

The reopening is scheduled for February 28, when the company moves into the “sixth and final phase” of its COVID-19 hybrid workplace model for Microsoft campuses.

“Reaching this level allows us to fully open our facilities to employees, visitors and guests,” the company said in the announcement. “Our Bay Area sites in California, outside the state of Washington, including our new Silicon Valley campus, will open fully on February 28, and we expect many of our other U.S. locations to follow suit as conditions permit. would follow.”

Microsoft Hybrid Workplace Steps

Microsoft made the decision citing “improving local health metrics” at a time when COVID-19 cases in the US have been on a steady decline over the past two weeks. The second factor has been the relatively high vaccination rate in the Redmond area.

The company said, “As of February 8, 2022, 83.8% of King County residents – where most of our Washington State employees live – have completed their vaccine series, and 91.6% have received at least one dose. “

The reopening is another sign that business is returning to normal for the US tech industry despite the latest COVID-19 version Omicron. The start of the pandemic in March 2020 prompted Microsoft to require most employees to work from home before moving to a hybrid workplace model, which would eventually include partially reopening some offices.

Microsoft planned to fully reopen its company headquarters in October, but scrapped those plans as the transition to the Delta version increased.

If a new COVID-19 version comes out, Microsoft says it could tighten Office access once again. “We are keeping a close eye on local health data in every region where Microsoft has a physical presence, and we will adjust our course if necessary,” it added.

In contrast, Facebook parent Meta has delayed the full reopening of US offices until March 28. Meanwhile, Apple decided to indefinitely postpone its US reopening.

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