Help Nintendo test Switch sports this weekend

Nintendo is set to launch Switch Sports on April 29th, but ahead of the game’s release, an online test is underway this week from February 18-20.

There are a few boxes that need to be ticked to be eligible to participate. First, you’ll need an active Switch Online subscription (trial subscriptions work too), and secondly, a Switch console (original Switch or OLED models). Unfortunately, Switch Lite is not supported for testing.

The online exam is divided into three days and has stipulated duration of time. Available options include (all times listed are PT):

  • Friday (2/18): 7 pm-7:45 pm
  • Saturday (2/19): 3 am-3:45 am, 11 am 11:45 am, 7 pm-7:45 pm
  • Sunday (2/20): 3am-3:45am

If you can manage to wake up on time then the early tests on Saturday and Sunday are likely to be the easiest to get into.

Nintendo is conducting this test “to evaluate various technical aspects and help improve the quality of the game.” If you’re lucky enough to get a spot, expect to play random matches of tennis, bowling and chambara (swordplay) online. There will be no option to play against your friends.

Participation requires visiting the US, Europe, Japan or Oceania My Nintendo website and redeeming a 16-digit download code. Then, go to and enter the code. Alternatively, navigate to the eShop on your Switch and enter the code there. Switch Sports Online Play Test should then be available to load on your console.

Nintendo is keen to emphasize that the online test is not representative of the full version of the game, so don’t be surprised if there are some graphical glitches and possibly strange error messages or crashes. When the final games launch in April, six sports will be available to play including badminton, bowling, chambara, football, tennis and volleyball. Golf will be added in the Autumn Update.

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