Google wants to help Android users find worthwhile tablet apps

Google is making it easier to find great apps for large-screen Android devices.

The company says that there are currently over 250 million Android tablets, foldables and Chrome OS devices in use. These devices can run most of the Android apps available through Google Play, but finding optimized software for their large displays is more of a challenge.

Google recently introduced large screen app quality guidelines to help Android developers take advantage of these devices’ larger displays, the ability to use alternative input devices such as a stylus, and otherwise make their way into more than just blown-up smartphone apps. Offers.

“In the coming months,” Google states, “we will update our feature and ranking logic in Play on large screen devices to prioritize high-quality apps and games based on these App Quality Guidelines. How apps reveal search results and recommendations on the homepage, with the goal of helping users find the apps that are best optimized for their devices.”

Google also plans to warn users of these large screen displays if they install apps that don’t follow these guidelines. That way people won’t be surprised when the apps they download turn out to be disappointing. (At least where being optimized for larger displays.)

The company is also updating Google Play to automatically show reviews for specific device types, including “tablet and foldable, Chrome OS, Wear, or Auto” — to help people “make better decisions about the apps right for them.” the product they are using.

Google says these changes will be implemented “gradually over the coming months” and that it will “continue to collect feedback to understand how we can best support large screen optimizations that improve consumer experiences and Empowering developers to build better apps.”

This isn’t the first time Google has attempted to improve the Android experience for tablet users: it introduced a dedicated “Designed for tablets” section to Google Play in 2013. Perhaps a more pronounced effect in these new guidelines, warnings and review pages.

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