Fujifilm warns macOS users about firmware incompatibility

Fujifilm has warned its customers that a firmware issue could prevent them from viewing the images on macOS—but only if they have more than 4,000 files in a single folder on the SDXC card.

The company says that a dozen X and GFX series cameras have been found to be flawed. Nine of them—the GFX100, GFX100S, GFX50S II, X-Pro3, X-T4, X-S10, X-E4, X-T30 II, and X100V—are affected regardless of their firmware version. The GFX50S, GFX50R, and X-T3 cameras are only affected by the problem if they are running specific versions of their respective firmware.

Fujifilm says the underlying problem stems from the X and GFX series camera firmware allowing the devices to store up to 9,999 frames in a single folder. (Each frame, according to the company, can create up to three files depending on how the user is storing their photos.) But macOS only appears to be able to handle about 4,000 files in a single folder.

This incompatibility can reportedly cause some problems. First: “If the card is connected to a computer via an internal or external memory card reader and accessed directly using macOS, some files on the memory card may be inaccessible.” This is fairly straightforward, but the second problem is a bit more complicated. Fujifilm says:

If the memory card is not ejected correctly from a computer using macOS, there is a possibility that data may be lost if the same card is connected directly and accessed a second time using macOS . However, the risk of data loss in this situation can be prevented by following the proper ejection procedures for the macOS operating system. If proper procedures are followed, no data will be lost. However, the files will still be inaccessible when attempting to directly access the data on the memory card using macOS.

The company says that it plans to release a firmware update soon to address this issue. Meanwhile, it says people accessing their photos through macOS should limit a folder to 1,000 frames. It also says that macOS users should not attempt to transfer movie files larger than 4GB — which are reportedly always claimed to be 4.29GB — directly into their systems.

The Fujifilm advisory provides additional guidance for transferring some of these files using a Windows computer or dual-slot cameras. (Anyone who only has an X or GFX series camera and a system running macOS is advised to contact the company’s regional customer service teams.) It also notes that macOS users need to securely store SD cards. Make sure to follow Apple’s guide to remove it.

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