Elon Musk warns Russia may target Starlink cuisine in Ukraine

Will the Russian military try to bomb Starlink dishes in Ukraine? SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is sounding the alarm about the possibility of an attack on his company’s equipment.

“IMPORTANT WARNING: Starlink is the only non-Russian communication system still operating in parts of Ukraine, so the chances of being targeted are high. Please use with caution,” says Musk. tweeted Today.

Musk’s warning comes days after SpaceX delivered a shipment of Starlink dishes to the Ukrainian government to ensure it could maintain Internet access while facing Russian aggression. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov tweeted A photo of Musk, showing a Starlink dish installed on the roof of a building, makes it a visible target.

It is also clear that SpaceX delivered Starlink dishes to Ukrainian officials. So any visible Starlink consonants could be interpreted as a sign that government officials are using them.

A Twitter user asked Musk how Ukrainians could deploy Starlink Dish “with caution.” In response, Musk said: “Only turn on Starlink when needed and place the antenna … as far away from people as possible.”

“Keep light camouflage on the antenna to avoid visual detection,” he said. This may involve using spray paint, as long as it does not contain metal particles.

SpaceX’s Starlink works by using orbiting satellites to beam high-speed Internet to users on Earth. Therefore, it has become a valuable service throughout the supply of broadband. emergency situation When fiber networks are disrupted or destroyed. But to receive internet from orbiting satellites, Starlink requires the use of a dish, which must be placed outside with a clear view of the sky.

Fedorov indicated that the Russian military is using heat signatures via “infrared” to target Ukraine’s infrastructure. “We need a generator to keep Starlinks and lifesaving services online – idea?” Fedorov asked Musk on Twitter.

In response, the CEO of SpaceX is recommending the Ukrainian government to use Starlink dishes with solar panels and battery packs to reduce any generated heat. musk couple That SpaceX is rolling out a software update so that “Starlink can be operated from a car cigarette lighter.” In addition, SpaceX is enabling mobile roaming on dishes in Ukraine, meaning they can be deployed on a moving vehicle without geographic restrictions.

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