Discord bans misinformation that can cause ‘physical or social harm’

Discord has updated its community guidelines to address misinformation on its increasingly popular gaming-focused communication platform, particularly as it pertains to COVID-19.

“The new guideline states that users May not share false or misleading information on Discord that is likely to cause physical or social harm,” Discord says, “contains material that may result in damage to physical infrastructure, cause injury to others, hinder participation in civil procedures, or that endanger public health. (His emphasis.)

The company provides further clarification on how the new guidelines relate to public health concerns. This includes “material that attempts to influence opinion through the use of sensationalist, alarmist, or exaggerated language, or any material that repeats widely discredited health claims, unfounded rumors, or conspiratorial statements”. A general restriction on sharing is involved.

Discord says it is specifically banning:

  • anti-vaccination material;
  • medically unsupported and dangerous treatment for the disease;
  • Content that distorts information about a disease; And,
  • Any material that may interfere with the resolution of a public health emergency.

It also cites specific criteria that can lead to enforcement actions such as disputes over generally accepted information about vaccines, the existence of a particular disease, and “a health conspiracy by malicious forces that implies,” among others. Apart from things. But it should also be noted that its users can still discuss their personal experiences or post explicitly satirical content.

Discord says its Trust & Safety team will investigate reports about misinformation. “We may take any number of enforcement actions in response to a violation of this policy,” the company says, “including alerting an account, server, or entire moderator team; temporarily suspending an account; removing harmful content ; and permanently suspending an account or server.”

More information is available through the community guidelines themselves. Discord has also updated its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy; All changes will be effective from March 28.

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