Can you get Starlink? Plug your address into SpaceX’s new map and find out

SpaceX has built a new mapping feature for Starlink that can tell you which areas have maxed out and which areas still have open potential.

This feature is available on, and provides a global analysis of the markets Starlink currently serves. You can then enlarge the map and see the different cell sites, which are hexagon shaped.

starlink website

Hexagons marked in light green indicate areas where customers can order Starlink now. Dark green hexagons indicate that the sale site is at capacity, meaning new sign-ups will be placed on a pre-order waiting list.

The map of North America shows that SpaceX has substantial potential for Starlink in the US Midwest, but not so much in populated areas in the East or on the West Coast. Type your address to see if it is at capacity or open for new orders. (If the box isn’t visible to you, zoom out.)

map of america

The map feature is the first time SpaceX has disclosed geographic cell site information for Starlink, which currently serves 250,000 users worldwide.

Starlink uses satellites in Earth orbit to deliver broadband to users on the ground. However, satellites can only serve a limited number of users at each cell site as they fly over the planet. As a result, some Starlink users are still waiting to use the service, despite submitting pre-orders months in advance.

The mapping feature shows that several major US cities have solid bookings, with affected users waiting until “2023 or later” for further availability. However, SpaceX is working to increase cell site capacity by launching thousands more Starlink satellites in the coming years. On Monday, CEO Elon Musk said he aims to double the number of Starlink satellites within the next 18 months.

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