Best Super Smash Bros. Alternatives

Despite the genre that has existed for decades, there aren’t many platform-based fighting games. In addition to the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and a few fan projects, Nintendo’s wildly successful Super Smash Bros. series has had some notable releases as well. With a key asset holding the concept, there hasn’t been much competition to mix the formula – until now. More than two decades into the life of Smash, several Smash competitors have emerged, and many of them exist as PC games. None compare to Nintendo’s titles in terms of scope or origin, but they’re much more than just cash-in on a fad.

The platform-fighter genre is as vague and ambiguous as any other, but most have some key traits in common. For starters, there’s a mix of Mario-style precise hops and Street Fighter slugs out. Simplified controls and a wide cast of popular characters are not essential style elements, but they are important in cementing a game’s status as a party-friendly brawler (many releases follow that template). Most also opt for sumo-inspired rules; Instead of lowering your opponents’ health bars via beat downs, you knock them out of phase. Anything goes beyond that.

The indie game explosion, especially on PC, means that an all-inclusive list of platform-fighters is impractical, if not impossible. That’s why we’ve collected the most popular, prominent, and well-designed titles in this category, so that you can explore combat games that aren’t traditional fighting games. You need Project M or Super Flash Bros.; Like fan projects will not be found; These choices are testament to the fans’ passion and drive for this style of game. You also won’t find framemakers or multiverses, because those games aren’t dropped. Still, if you’re ready to rumble, these games will serve you well.

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