Apple Maps adds detailed 3D views for Canadian cities

Apple is giving Canada a facelift with updated details and features in Apple Maps.

The service’s latest update is bringing new capabilities with updated 3D visuals for Canadian travelers and travelers in Canada, Apple has announced. So far, it is limited to the three most populous cities in Canada: Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Each city now gets a much more detailed view through the map than before, and this can help with navigation. Apple has also included a Nighttime mode that recolors 3D scenes.

In addition to the 3D view, Apple is adding details for road markings that should help users understand oncoming intersections and lane rules as they drive. The maps will also show land cover, elevation and trees to help users gain a bird’s eye view of the area.

The new details added for these Canadian cities will be supported by various additional features of Apple Maps, such as public transportation tracking and curated guides that suggest trendy spots to visit. Cyclists will also be able to enjoy directions that focus on more bike-friendly routes.

Curiously, Apple’s announcement mentions its augmented reality view at street level for running, but doesn’t list availability in any Canadian cities. However, it continues to offer the same look around feature.

Apple Maps may have messed up its introduction as a competitor to Google Maps a decade ago, but it’s holding back its dignity and has recently proven to be a capable alternative to other popular maps and navigation tools.

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