Alienware’s 34-inch Quantum Dot OLED monitor drops to $1,299

At CES, Dell’s Alienware blew us away with this beast: a 34-inch ultrawide PC monitor that every gamer will cringe at. The upcoming AW3423DW features Samsung’s latest quantum dot OLED technology that produces some of the most stunning colors and contrast we’ve ever seen on a display.

The only question was the retail price of the remaining product. On Friday, Alienware finally gave an answer, revealing that the monitor is set to arrive this spring for just $1,299.

The cost is certainly far from affordable. But it’s also not crazy expensive. The $1,299 price is comparable to, or even cheaper than, some of the higher-end displays on our best PC monitors list.

The $1,299 Alienware product also gives you the most cutting-edge technology on the market. Samsung is claiming the company’s quantum dot-OLED panel is superior to LG’s competing OLED technology, citing fuller colors and higher brightness levels.

The improvements are especially obvious if you compare QD-OLED technology to LCD-powered IPS PC monitors. Samsung’s panel is capable of displaying true blacks, whereas an IPS panel has to settle for ghostly grays when trying to emit blacks.

QD-OLED Display

The Alienware’s QD-OLED display (at right) pales in comparison to the LG IPS monitor.

Other features of Alienware’s AW3423DW include a high refresh rate of 175Hz, G-Sync Ultimate support, and a 3440 x 1400 screen resolution. The monitor also has an 1800R curve. However, Samsung says that the QD-OLED panel can be prone to burn-in problems, although the screen is designed to reduce problems better than OLED panels.

Stay tuned for our review of the AW3423DW. At CES, Dell told us that the Monitor will launch in North America on March 29, before arriving in Europe on April 5.

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